Family Photos of Dad playing

The following “Dad playing” family images were created by award-winning reportage and documentary photographers from the FPJA organization. These contest awarded pictures match the search result photos tagged as “Dad playing”. Family Photojournalist Association pros regularly upload their favorite photographic images for review by FPJA competition judges.

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Marieke Zentjens is a family photographer from Noord Brabant
Father and son playing on a sofa, having a great time together during this Eindhoven family photo session
Natasja de Nijs is a family photographer from Noord Brabant
A young child hids amongst pillows, peeking out at dad in this image by a Breda Family Photographer
Karen Velleman is a family photographer from Groningen
Groningen Family Photo of dad and kids in a ball pit
Sherry Tong is a family photographer from Illinois
BW Chicago Documentary Family image of dad with his kids sitting and climbing on him
a photo of a baby girl holds her daddy's finger and looks up to him
Lancashire Family Photography showing a Young baby holding tight to her father's hand
Graziela Ventura is a family photographer from São Paulo
Sao Paulo Documentary Family underwater image of a child sitting on the back of dad