Barbara Naso

Atlanta family photography by Barbara Naso - Georgia FPJA photographer

Barbara Naso

Barbara Naso Family Photography

I am Barbara.
A traveler, mother, wife, photographer, lover, and seeker.

Born in Italy, yet currently pausing in Atlanta. I don't consider myself to have a permanent house; however, I definitely have a home. Wherever I land, I carry my precious people with me: my children and my beloved husband and of course my adorable dog, Rio.

What is a documentary photography approach?

While it may sound complex, it's actually quite simple. A photographer comes into your space and documents life as it occurs. There's no posing, directing or staging. You, your people and your space are witnessed, captured and images are later shared with you so that you can relive and retell your story over and over again. The images left behind will express the mood, emotion, and action of the moments that occurred throughout your session.

Powerful photographs allow you to remember what you felt like, not just what you looked like. That's the goal with a documentary approach, gifting you with images that provide an opportunity for you to share your life's story with others.