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Sharon McMahon

Cindy Brown

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1 Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

I'm a wedding photojournalist and documentary family photographer. I'm also an adventurous traveler and an all-round nerd. I love to hike and take selfies with my beagle/cattle dog Roux and my wife Sharon. I was born in Atlanta, moved around --21 cities and 5 states -- then came home. I listen to NPR, read the New York Times and The Washington Post and watch Netflix and Prime. My favorite series include Offspring, Derek, Atypical and Endeavor. Vita of a Nerd Photographer I photographed a biker funeral, death penalty protests and Ted Bundy while interning for the Associated Press. While a photographer for two dailies in Florida, I photographed Ronald Reagan, a train derailment and the dedication of a screened-in porch. An unexpected life turn took me to Vermont and on to Indiana, where I edited photos for a major daily, and nerded out getting a master’s and PhD. After teaching photojournalism in Florida, Indiana and Mississippi, I returned to Atlanta to earn my fifth degree--a Master's of Divinity. My passion for storytelling with my camera and my interest in religious diversity led my to the field of wedding photojournalism. I have documented weddings large and small, Hindu and Pagan, indoors and out, Christian and Muslim, in backyards and in churches. The most exotic wedding I have photographed took place in Mexico and was officiated by a Mayan shaman. You won’t find many Atlanta wedding photographers with the education, experience and caring personality that I have … a sense of humor and humility, too. :) When I'm not photographing weddings, portraits or corporate events, I work on personal photo projects, hang out at a tiny cabin in the mountains, work for racial justice and welcome refugees to our community.

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