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Family Photojournalism in Bauru

We take a documentary, real-life, real-settings approach to photographing your family’s daily events, outings, reunions or parties. And as documentary photographers, we’re not looking to pose your family into a “funny” situation or stage-direct your celebrations. We just know that families look their best “acting naturally” — because they’re not acting, they’re actually enjoying themselves!

2 Available Documentary Family Photographers...

Alana Nozella is a family photojournalist from Brasil serving families in Sao Paulo.

My name is Alana, and love the simple things in life is what moves me in everything I do. It is gratifying to be able to know and listen to the story of a family, and to be able to portray who they truly are, and to leave a...

Alana Nozella

Corá Fotos

Pederneiras in São Paulo, BR
Lifestyle Photojournalist
Sao Paulo Family Photography by Carla Frascarelli, of Brasil.

Meu nome é Carla, mas pode me chamar de Tia Carlinha ou Tia Cá! Sou a fotógrafa por trás de tooodas as fotos aqui da Laço Amarelo Fotografia. AMO estar com a minha família, meu marido, viajar, conhecer pessoas, ouvir...

Lifestyle Photojournalist