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The next time you celebrate your anniversary, take your children to the amusement park, or throw a surprise birthday party, select a documentary family photographer from among the accredited photographers of the British Columbia Family Photojournalist Association:

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British Columbia family photographer Bobbi Barbarich, of Canada

Your family means everything to you. You want to hold on to the fleeting moments that pass all too quickly. Tiny expressions that define who they are, the way they move their hands when they talk, how they play with each other and with you. Hello, I am Bobbi Barbarich, an award-winning photographer from Nelson BC. My work focuses on how to capture the essence of your family's relationships. While we might spend a few minutes creating a posed portrait, that's not why you'd hire me. You want images that will bring you back to this time in their tender infancy, their exuberant toddler curiosity, their awkward pre-teen years, their bodies as they morph into adults, and your parents as they begin to slow down. I grew up in northern Alberta, dreaming of a travel photographer's life as I meandered in wheat fields and tried to take pictures of bugs and barbed wire. I've now been a professional photographer for 10 years, attending college in Edmonton, Alberta and moving to Nelson BC thereafter to photograph people living their lives to the fullest. While I didn't grow to become a travel photographer, my curiosity about life and illustrating with my camera did lead me to something I feel is more important: the lives we live every day. Let me capture that for you, so you and your future generations can cherish it as you do.

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Justine Boulin is a family photojournalist from Vancouver, Canada

I’m a Vancouver-based photographer, light-chaser, and hockey mom to 2 energetic boys who love to get up before the sun does. I want to photograph what's real. Real stories, real relationships and real personalities - the perfectly imperfection of it all. I photograph in a documentary style and I can really credit that to my kids. ha! When my oldest was a baby and I was still learning how to take an actual photo, I realized around the time when he was 6 months old that I was photographing all these set up moments and that really wasn't what our life was like during that time. As chaotic and messy as it was with a newborn baby at home and 2 very sleep deprived parents, it was also beautiful in it's own way. It might sound crazy, but it was that beautiful and chaotic mess that I wanted to remember. The realness of life and the love. So I started just simply documenting. I also hated the idea of constantly having to tell them to do this or do that and my husband was also defiantly not into posing for photos. It just seemed the natural way to go. And now looking back at those photos, I LOVE them and what they represent and the memories they bring up. A lot of that 'why I shoot this way' has carried over to my family & wedding work (and of course birth, which really can't be anything but documentary). I LOVE watching how families interact and documenting those relationships. As humans, we're so complex and our lives our intertwined in so many intricate ways, especially in families. Trying to show that in photographs, that THIS here is your family is challenging and rewarding. And the same for weddings but on a bigger scale. The relationship between the couple of course, but also with everyone else attending - their siblings, and parents, and grandparents. Capturing a person's personality (especially when they think no one is looking or have forgotten about the camera) - who they are and their relationship with those closest to them is always something I'm thinking of when I'm shooting. What you end up with is this very honest record of the day- whether that be a wedding day or a 'day in your life' family session.

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Chris Shum is a San Francisco based Family Photojournalist.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have always enjoyed taking pictures with the camera my dad passed onto me, capturing the things, people and places around me. In 2007, I decided to turn this passion of mine into my career. Since then I have been shooting weddings, engagements, special events, family, kids and babies. I love telling stories with my camera, and my pictures demonstrated my characteristic style and unique perspective, simple yet elegant. I take great pride to apply my skills and talent to document the important and precious moments of life of my clients into lasting fine art pictures. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to capture these memories for my clients so they can cherish a lifetime.

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