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We take a documentary, real-life, real-settings approach to photographing your family’s daily events, outings, reunions or parties. And as documentary photographers, we’re not looking to pose your family into a “funny” situation or stage-direct your celebrations. We just know that families look their best “acting naturally” — because they’re not acting, they’re actually enjoying themselves!

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Campos dos Goytacazes family and birth photography by Valeria Tavares of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I am an administrator by training, I worked in large companies until one day I decided to make the hobby my profession. I have 2 children, Ana Clara and Mateus. Ana Clara (firstborn) was my biggest inspiration to start in photography. Since she was born I recorded at least one image of her a day, I realized that each moment was magical and unique. And it was exciting to see that a part of my family's life story was being told through those images! I started photographing newborn (newborn) and infant, and naturally, I expanded into the family photography segment, until I arrived at birth photography. And in this trajectory, I specialized in childbirth photography and studied audiovisual production to offer women not only the experience with photos, but with sounds and images in movement. Births are always an incredible emotion for me, regardless of whether they are surgical or natural. Being present in this very unique moment in the life of a family, observing all that mixture of anxiety, fear, joy, love, and so many feelings that involve childbirth, always touches me deeply in my soul. I do all the birth registration at the maternity and home care, and I also do external tests and at home with my family.