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Find a top Copenhagen documentary family photographer to authentically capture your at-home or hospital birth session, vacation, family reunion, party, or for a candid 'Day in the Life' session. Meet the accredited member photographers of the Denmark Family Photojournalist Association:

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Copenhagen family photographer Frederikke Brostrup of Denmark

Frederikke Brostrup (born 1969) I live in the middle of Copenhagen with my gorgeous husband and child. I love knitting, drinking, laughing, eating, fishing, dancing….and if everything is possible around a fireplace – I won’t ask for more! I have been working full time as a photographer since 2007. I work all over the country DK My work is characterised by capturing childhood and family life in the purest way. Especially environment portraits and relations. I am drawn to the relations, the poetry and the real-life in families. My work is kind of timeless and I hope to show a bit of all the secrets we often miss. My love for children is very strong – as I hope you see in my work and you feel when you work with me.

Jess Lycoops is a Family Photographer for Denmark and Copenhagen

I am a self-taught family photographer with a documentary approach. I take pictures in private homes or outdoors because I believe that natural interaction creates the best images of the family. I am from Belgium and moved to Denmark in 2007. Here I now have my family and we live in a small village on Sorø, with quiet and open spaces. I am a trained chemist and have been able to work in photography. I am drawn to moments of presence and contemplation, and these are, among other things, those I capture with my camera in your family. Therefore, it is also very important to me that everyone feels comfortable with me and my camera. This can take time and that is why I always shoot for a long period of time.