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Search for a top Drenthe documentary style family photographer to compose beautiful and genuine photos of your family. As documentary photographers, our goal is to capture your family as their authentic selves. Whether it be during a birthing session at home or in the hospital, at a family party, vacation, or event, we want to document the occasion into memories you can cherish forever. It is our honor to introduce you to the Netherlands documentary style family photographer association:

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Portrait of Drenthe family photographer,  Annemiek Kinneging, of Netherlands

I am an emotional person and am therefore quietly crying with you at the birth of your child (and yes I can still photograph), I sympathize if things go differently than you had hoped but also if there is euphoria. I believe that photographing is more than taking a photo, it is amazing and enjoying every unique moment! Seeing the special in the beautiful little daily things and capturing them in a unique way, pure honest and emotional photos, that is what photography is for me. Well, you probably think you explain what photography means but what are you going to tell about yourself Well (almost) everything but in a very concise version and you want to know more than ask your question below to the blog so that I can still answer it. I can enjoy people, the little things, a fleece blanket with armholes where you can snuggle in (thank you, son, for the warm gift), beautiful quotes that my daughter writes on our chalkboard Follow the road of YOUR Dreams, not the highway of other people's expectations is a very beautiful one that she has recently written down. I enjoy life, all the ups, and all the downs. The downs teach you new insights, new ways and let you enjoy the beautiful moments even more. Perseverance and patience are devoted to me. If I want to achieve something, I will not give up and I will continue until I succeed. During birth reports, I can also have endless patience to take that one photo that I have in mind.

Drenthe Family Photography by Jolanda Boer, of The Netherlands

Capturing family life is one of my biggest passions. Maybe because I love to photograph real moments in life. Maybe because I love the connections and love between family members or maybe because it's such an honest and pure way of photographing life. The idea of me capturing future memories for a whole family makes me want to try extra hard to find the little details and special moments of a family and photograph them. Next to that I also try to capture the biggest chaos as a perfect whole.

Netherlands Family Photographer Karen Velleman

I take pictures like that. I have a great job! I have been able to photograph so many people and families and several of my photos have been awarded international awards. Super cool! I photograph in both a lifestyle and a documentary way. That is, in addition to capturing moments in an honest and artistic way, I also love capturing real moments. I am always inspired by you, the environment and the moment. I work passionately and am sharp when I take pictures of you. I take my work very seriously because I am someone who strives to take the best pictures. Although you will soon notice during photography, that result is often achieved with a lot of fun and pleasure. You can also describe my style as cozy, nice and loose, intimate and relaxed with atmospheric photos that are not too dark, not too light and sometimes artistic. Everything just delicious as it is and with a hint of Karen.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA Lifestyle Photojournalist