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 Indiana family photography by Jayne Rohlfing

My photography in two words: Connection seeking My photography in two sentences: I'm a connection-seeking photographer inspired by life. I shoot from the heart while capturing life as it unfolds. My photography in two paragraphs: A huge part of me is ridiculously passionate about documenting life. I have an educational background in journalism and design, which has given me the great opportunity of documenting life as I see it. Photography adds an even greater depth to that love. When I’m behind the lens, life slows down, details become clearer, memories stick. It centers me. It keeps me grounded. I want others to experience that too. I think sometimes it's easier for us to see the beauty in other people's lives. Even when we see their mess, ours always feels messier (at least for me). Maybe that's why I love to photograph families. Once they view the photos it's almost like they have an outsiders perspective of their family and they can step back and see the beauty through the mess. This beauty shows up in details often unnoticed, connection through laughter and tears, small glimpses into their everyday life they now realize they never want to forget. They begin to embrace the imperfection. And sometimes that's just what we need to get through the inevitable mess of life.