Charlene McNabb

Lifestyle portrait of Lancashire family photographer Charlene McNabb of England, United Kingdom
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Soraya Evans Photography

Charlene McNabb

Love Gets Sweeter

Mum of 2, I found my love of documenting real life whilst capturing my eldest growing up. I loved the idea of us all being able to relive family life in a really genuine way, being able to feel the moments all over again. Not just the usual holidays and adventures but the everyday things too. I’m guessing you’re here because you’re looking for an alternative to traditional lifestyle family photography and videography. Like me, you HATE the idea of posing. You also know your kids probably won’t respond well to ‘direction’ to get that perfect family portrait or the baby will choose the photoshoot day to be grizzly! Whether you’re camera shy, worry your house isn’t ‘photo shoot’ worthy or simply struggling to find time to fit in a family shoot then I may have the answer for you. Because my documentary approach to family photography allows me to capture those 'real', honest family moments. To capture the connections, the silliness, the knowing smiles, and all the moments in-between that you may even miss in your everyday. So if you're after an alternative to documenting family life and want someone to come with their camera and make it feel more like a friend was hanging out with you...then it would be lovely to hear from you. We can chat some more and help you work out if I'm the perfect family photographer and videographer for you. Award-winning documentary family photographer and videographer based in Lancashire.

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