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Find the best Langhe documentary family photographer to suit your needs. When you look through their work, you may realize that these photos do not look anything like you’ve seen at any studio in Cuneo. We will never pose your family or direct your parties. The emotion you see in the birthing session photos is real. The laughter and joy captured in the photos of birthday parties, family vacations, and special events is genuine. It would be our honor to capture the emotion of your family! Welcome to the Italy Documentary Family Photojournalist Association:

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Liguria Family Photographer | Italy

ON ME Born as a graphic, photography soon became my reason for living. In my spare time, I work the FIMO and practical scrapbooking, I watch films or take long walks with my bowler and Piero. An only child, I love my family and my friends with all my heart. I am married to Fabrizio the love of my life. Optimistic, idealistic, rational, touchy, ambitious, enthusiastic, fussy and creative. I love traveling, nature, animals, going out, partying, the sea, walking on the beach, snow, winter, chocolate, festivals, concerts, music, talking with friends, but also with those who don't I know, traveling by train, driving a car, tattoos, piercings, design, colors, toys, waking up late in the morning and having a late-night smell of coffee, sipping herbal tea while reading a book MY PHILOSOPHY I really wanted to let you know that I am aware of the importance of my work. The moment I portray you, your family, your children, I don't take a simple photograph, I do a lot more, I build a memory, I stop an emotion and enormous feelings. I know how great the value of an image can be, how much it can tell and guard. Photography is not just something aesthetically beautiful, it is the perfect preservation of memory, it is a witness, and it is also a tool for dreams and imagination. I hope that in the future my images can make a child happy, at least as much as they could do with me. Taking pictures is not a simple gesture, but rather a pure act of love!

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