Nuno Lima

Leiria Family Photojournalist Nuno Lima of Portugal

Nuno Lima

Nuno Lima Fotografia
Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

I am a photographer and I love being attentive to details, light, colors, shapes… I am passionate about life and nature, and I love to go hiking and traveling. I look for balance in my yoga practice, and cinema is my main source of inspiration.

It was fourteen years ago that I started taking pictures and so I discovered that my passion is to photograph people. I like to see them being themselves and to live happy moments with those they love. That is why I interfere as little as possible while I am photographing, limiting myself to doing a report of the day, in a purely documentary record.

And, if I love to photograph moments as special as the wedding day, or the months of pregnancy, the truth is that, more and more, I also like to photograph very normal moments, such as the troubled day-to-day life of a family, for example. example. The beauty of even the simplest moments is impressive. And I want to honestly perpetuate these moments, so that they can be revisited and remembered time and time again, and so that with them we can continue to be thrilled for life outside.