Estelle Offroy

Family Photojournalist Estelle Offroy of France
Photo by: 
Celeste Images

Estelle Offroy

Family Photographer
Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

I work without filters and without effects.

I have my favorite tools, the technique is not a problem. I work in natural light, and I adapt to all situations.

Every photo I give you has been carefully selected and embellished by me.

I like to take the time to reveal the spirit of each, I like the fresh colors and without makeup, I want your photos to go through the years without becoming obsolete.

What touches me most is seeing people who love each other.

And it is the daily gestures that transmit love, much better, and much more often than words ...

These movements, these looks, these moments are an inexhaustible source of energy for your family.

Today, while everyone "poses" in front of the lens (tiny) of his phone, I suggest you discover the joys of the natural photo and not asked!

It's simple, choose a photographer that you like and with whom you feel comfortable (you're there, and that's good too!). Book a time together (a morning, an afternoon, an evening ... 3h is good to take the time to forget).

And then ... LIVE!