Melissa McClure

Los Angeles CA Family Photographer Melissa McClure

Melissa McClure

Now & Ever Photography

I'm a photographer that wholeheartedly loves and believes in capturing the beautiful, glorious, everyday chaos that surrounds family life. My passion for family documentary photography was ignited after my two sons were born.

I bought my first SLR in 2009 while living overseas and studied at the Australian Center for Photography. My photography interests were at first centered around travel and architectural/landscape photography, but when I became a mother my heart shifted to the family documentary genre. I found myself wanting to freeze so many moments, looks, and feels of our family life that I knew were going to pass at the blink of an eye.

Being the photographer in my family, I soon realized I was missing from the majority of our family photos. That fueled my passion further and led to the launch of Now & Ever Photography. I want to give families the gift of being present in their photos. For the photographer in the family to put their camera down, get in front of the lens, and be a part of their family story of now. There is no better gift you can give your child than a rich tapestry of family stories documented over the years. It's what I hope to give mine.

6 Awards for Documentary Family Photography