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FAMILY COMES FIRST - Recently, some of our Germany family photojournalists have communicated their readiness to work with families who are able to carry on with their normal life and who want it documented. Family Photojournalist Association professional members offer a distinct and natural style of unobtrusive photography that will capture genuine, candid moments of you, your children, and even extended family enjoying time together...everyone gets in the pictures and you will likely forget the photographer is even there.

The purpose of documentary family photography is to tell a story — your story. You will be able to feel the love that you have for one another in the images. You will see the beauty that results when you are not posed or directed by your photographer to sit in a contrived position and smile on command at the camera. The FPJA has an abundance of top-ranked, Lower Saxony family photographers who are available right now. Find yours today!

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Lower Saxony family reportage photography by Bettina Podewski of the Germany FPJA

I live with my husband and our two children in our dream home Jork. We moved to the Old Country to be able to eat the best apples, to be able to ride to the Elbe in rubber boots and by bike and to have our hair disheveled by the wind. Ok, that's not entirely true. But I need some reason for my mommy bun. So I record everything in a documentary that makes me smile, fall in love and pause: the first toothless laugh, the small, delicate hands reaching for mom or the hug-and-support-seeking daughter's hug. Our everyday family life offers so many heartfelt moments that I would never want to forget and yet are so fleeting at the same time. I would like to be able to remember precisely these heartfelt moments in 30 years. I want to be able to show my children their story. I want to hold onto this and keep it forever. And at the age of 70 I can remember with my husband on our garden bench and tears in love in my eyes. Do you want to know more about me? Ok, let's go on! I love blue windbreak jackets, sand in flip-flops and homemade chocolate cookies. My husband would say my typical Betti North Sea beach outfit. I love rainy moments on the sofa with a child in each arm and reading new children's books. In fact, I could buy new children's books all the time. I love the low sun, warm colors and blue skies. A fresh breeze makes me pause and relax. And I love my family.

Lower Saxony Outdoor Family Photography

Even in an age of restrictions and limitations, you can safely enjoy a photoshoot in an outdoor location with small groups of people or families. Your FPJA Lower Saxony family photographer can easily capture candid moments of the kids playing and interacting from a safe distance. These days, outdoor sessions are often the best option for sincere photographs, because people of all ages feel more comfortable and laid back while they are outside and unrestricted. In these large, open spaces, you and your family can simply spend time together doing your typical routine while your photographer focuses on the art of storytelling.

Lower Saxony Day in the Life Picture Sessions - DITL

There is something beautiful about the imperfections in an ordinary day. The best gift that you can give your family now and in the years to come is the investment in authentic photographs that showcase a real day in your life. These stress-free sessions, designed to capture the realness and honesty of an average day for your family, produce the most genuine images, and these are the ones that you will cherish for years to come.

Lower Saxony Birth Sessions at Home or Hospital

The birth of your child is an experience that is filled with both beauty and chaos. It’s a moment in time that you won’t want to forget, yet it’s an experience in which the details may fade away in the coming weeks, months and years. To capture the first moments in which you meet your baby and those first special hours together, you should enlist the help of a Lower Saxony documentary birth photographer. An experienced family photographer who specializes in documentary birth sessions will be able to capture your labor journey, the birth experience and the immediate reaction that you have when you see your baby’s face for the first time — all while respecting your space. The right photographer will be able to use discretion while focusing on the fleeting moments that you will want to remember from your birth experience. Whether you plan to give birth at home or at the hospital, you can book a documentary birth session with a professional reportage-style birth photographer.