Ana Paula Amado

Macaé Family Photography by Ana Paula Amado of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Photo by: 
Oxana Kellerman

Ana Paula Amado

Ana Amado Family Photography

I am Ana Paula, mother of a beautiful girl, passionate about telling stories and meeting people. Ah! And I love traveling too!

For me, it has no greater pleasure than knowing that I have the "power" to eternalize a special moment of one's life. In addition to being a photographer, I am a Professional Project Manager (PMP), I worked in Multinational companies for many years, but decided to dedicate photography to get closer to my daughter. And then I discovered that I did not have to give up everything I learned. Do I apply much of my knowledge acquired in recent years in my work as a photographer and the best? I have a lot of fun! And I get a lot of love in return. I did not think it would be so good.

Very perfectionist and dedicated, in addition to studying photography constantly, I am also studying Cinema - doing a postgraduate, in search of knowledge to better tell the stories of my clients and to leave them more satisfied with the result.

What to expect from me? You will find documentary photography, light, true, spontaneous and creative. I like to do rehearsals that are the face of my client. That it contains the truth of it and that it be a beautiful memory of a special moment, carefully thought to be appreciated by the next generations.

Take a break from the madness of everyday life and come to travel a little bit for the excitement and art of the photographic universe. Be very welcome!

6 Awards for Documentary Family Photography