Julie Zhnyakina

Julie Zhnyakina is a family photographer from Russia, Moscow.
Photo by: 
Nina Ivanova

Julie Zhnyakina


When my daughter was born, I opened the album with my own childhood photos. And then I was amazed at how clearly I remember every moment when this or that photograph was taken! I remember dressing up in a favorite dress and demanding a beloved crocodile Gen. I was then three years old. I remember how I was afraid of a bearded uncle in the costume of Santa Claus. I did not want to be photographed with him, and that's why the smile in my photo was strained. I remember my favorite doll with a photo where I'm only a year old.

Then I decided that my daughter would also look at photos of her childhood and bought a camera. Quickly figuring out the settings, it seemed to me that there was something missing in my photos and then there began endless photo schools, courses, master classes. More and more friends began to ask me to shoot family, their holidays and just good days. So I became a photographer-chronicler for many families. For 7 years now they have turned to me, that would capture how their children grow, how new ones are emerging. I really appreciate these customers, because they trust me every year with their most valuable treasure - memories!

In photography for me, the most important thing is feelings, emotions that get into the frame. Laughter, joy, passion, sadness, tenderness, all this can be seen in the photographs today, a year, ten years. They are warm, sincere and alive. I want this kind of photos to fill your albums!