Samantha Ellison

Orange County, CA family photographer Samantha Ellison

Samantha Ellison


I am a family documentary photographer who has made it a bit of a personal mission to GET MOM IN THE PICTURE. Well, that, and a whole pile of dairy free*, genuine family moments. It's not all about Mom, but as a mom myself who doesn't find her way into enough photos with my kiddo, I wanted to create a niche service for my local mamas whom I know can relate!

* just say no to "cheese!" ... haha get it? "cheese"... dairy free...

My husband and I adopted our daughter in 2016 and I've been hoping he'd develop the ability to recognize a moment with me and her that maybe I'd appreciate a photo of ever since! Can you relate? I think a lot of moms can and that's why I'm here and that's why I've chosen documentary family photography as my focus. I want to help you see your family from another perspective, one that includes you, not one that feels forced from feeling annoyed enough to make Dad take a picture of you. (I have some of those!)

5 Awards for Documentary Family Photography