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Find an Overjissel documentary-style family photographer to document the moments when you bring home your newborn for the first time, celebrate at your children’s graduation parties, visit your family at reunions, or go that family vacation you’ve been saving for. Find an accredited photographer today from the Netherlands Family Photojournalist Association:

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Studio portrait of Zwolle family photographer Christie Agema - FPJA of Netherlands and Overijssel

In the beginning, I have done almost only posed work, also with children and yes also newborns. Had a posing bag (as it is called so beautiful), countless hair bands, hats, and background cloths and so on. But something never clicked. I could not put my finger on it in the beginning. The beautiful moments during a session were always the moments that parents had with their children when they were waiting. The hugs, chatting together. That was what I wanted to record, I wanted this. Just like I always did with my own children and still do. I focus exclusively on documentary family photography (or day in the life reports): family, pregnancy, birth and newborn. Spontaneous, unconstrained and pure photography that captures your life as it is. My wedding photography also has these words as a theme. Show how the day really went; the emotions and the moments. What else can I tell you about me? I love cookbooks, I have a lot, some of them I mainly bought because of the photos that are in it. And another fact about me ... .I love quotes! Those who follow me on my facebook page or my Instagram know this. I use quotes mainly to emphasize a photo or a series of photos. They can really give power to a photo.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA Lifestyle Photojournalist
Indra Simmons is a family photographer for NL.

The next word I learned after 'mommy' and 'daddy', was probably 'aperture'. My father is a photographer you see. And I spend quite a few hours in the darkroom watching the pictures he took showing up. But it was not until I was planning a trip to New York that I took an interest in photography myself. I borrowed my father's Pentax and asked him what exactly I should do with it, the day before leaving. Right. Not the best of my images, you can imagine ;-) So I took some photography classes and really got the hang of it. I developed an interest in people photography and documentary photography because I really like searching for the best possible images in a given situation, without interfering. The baby/family: The first weeks together. Despite sleep deprivation, maternity tears, physical discomfort, they may be the most beautiful and intense weeks of your life. Who would like to hold you in your memory? Some parents have their child photographed during this period (also known as newborn photography), but it is not nice if you also like the atmosphere, the baby room, the emotions, the visit, grandpa and grandma and the cards based on the pictures can capture? As it was, to always remember. And as a very valuable time document for your child (ren). A similar 'time document' with beautiful, special photos that show what it was like can also be made very nicely with, for example, a birthday party, anniversary, multi-year wedding party, in short when you celebrate life! Somewhere in the first few weeks with your baby, at a party or just when it suits you, iSi photography comes to your home, or wherever you are, to make a special and atmospheric report in a matter of hours.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA Lifestyle Photojournalist
Portrait of Drenthe family photographer,  Annemiek Kinneging, of Netherlands

I am an emotional person and am therefore quietly crying with you at the birth of your child (and yes I can still photograph), I sympathize if things go differently than you had hoped but also if there is euphoria. I believe that photographing is more than taking a photo, it is amazing and enjoying every unique moment! Seeing the special in the beautiful little daily things and capturing them in a unique way, pure honest and emotional photos, that is what photography is for me. Well, you probably think you explain what photography means but what are you going to tell about yourself Well (almost) everything but in a very concise version and you want to know more than ask your question below to the blog so that I can still answer it. I can enjoy people, the little things, a fleece blanket with armholes where you can snuggle in (thank you, son, for the warm gift), beautiful quotes that my daughter writes on our chalkboard Follow the road of YOUR Dreams, not the highway of other people's expectations is a very beautiful one that she has recently written down. I enjoy life, all the ups, and all the downs. The downs teach you new insights, new ways and let you enjoy the beautiful moments even more. Perseverance and patience are devoted to me. If I want to achieve something, I will not give up and I will continue until I succeed. During birth reports, I can also have endless patience to take that one photo that I have in mind.