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Find your trusted Para documentary family photographer for an at-home or hospital birth session, vacations, reunions, parties, or for a candid 'Day in the Life' shoot. It is our pleasure to introduce you to the South America Family Photojournalist Association:

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Lifestyle portrait of Curitiba family photographer Nina Castro of Parana Brazil

Hi, I’m Nina! I come from a huge and lovely family, and today I’m the wife of an incredible man. Even though I live in Brazil, I feel like I’m a citizen of the world. Traveling and knowing new people and cultures is one of my passions. I discovered photography after my wedding, since then I've kept studying, working and exploring this incredible world. Furthermore, I believe that photography can bring us memories, sensations, smells, and tastes. I love real photography when we have relaxed smiles, Sundays with family, grated knees, hose baths, and true hugs!

Lifestyle Photojournalist