Faith Iskandar

Portrait of Paris family photographer Faith Iskandar

Faith Iskandar

In The Midst Photography

Tired of posed lifestyle, Insta-perfect images that crowd social media today, Faith strives to capture real, authentic everyday moments that you'd want to keep forever. The goal is to have beautiful images that document your life right now, photos that you will treasure over the years, that tell your family story.

"Growing up, my grandfather always had a video camera in hand. He recorded everything- weekday dinners, birthday parties, trips to the mall, playing the piano, performances, from every day to big moments, he's documented them all. However, this is something that he began when he first had kids, photographing his wife and children in the various homes and countries they lived in. Half his lifetime later, I get a glimpse into his life before I was born and into moments I don't remember."

It's from this deep appreciation that Faith has for her grandfather's life-long effort that drives her to create the same for you. The challenge is that because we live it, we don't see the beauty in our own every day. And sometimes it just requires the decision to invite an extra pair of eyes into your home and you'll have tangible memories to show to the next generation.

2 Awards for Documentary Family Photography