Sandrine Siryani

Ile-de-France family photography by Sandrine Siryani

Sandrine Siryani

Sandrine Siryani Photographe
Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

I'm Sandrine, and I'm just over 30 years old.

My husband came into my life almost 10 years ago. His humor, not always funny, seduced me, his curiosity and his talent as a guitarist convinced me, our love for the mountains and good wine brought us together.

Two adorable little boys have come to complete our happiness, exhaust our energy and move our daily lives...

What makes me happy:

My eldest son, proud to have put on his shoes on his own… backwards,
My little one bursting out laughing when my husband blows on her stomach,
Ask me for 5 minutes in their room and watch them sleep: smile when seeing my baby's nose glued to his stuffed animal,... ask me how my big baby manages to sleep across the width of his bed.
Share a good meal with friends and forget the time that flies,
Open a good bottle of wine with my husband and look like an oenologist,
Choose the highest peak, climb to the top and feel very small...