Ana Kacurin

Ana Kacurin is a family photographer based in Brasil and serving Rio de Janeiro families.
Photo by: 
Thrall Photography

Ana Kacurin


I am a cosmic artist, thankful for her thousand gifts. I live to create. With hands, with mothers, with heart, with the universe. I am a mother, woman awake. I believe in self-power, in that divine spark that shines in everyone's heart. I believe in the medicine of love, in building together, dreaming together and looking in the same direction.

I fight for a more sustainable world, where abundance is at everyone's range, no distinction. A world with more awaken beings, conscious workers of light. I agree with Michel Odent who said that to change the world, we need first to change the way to welcome our infants in this world. It is a powerful way to awaken. So I try to do my share as a facilitator of this process.

Photography came to my life as a tool that, by connecting me to others, showed me so much about myself. It has given me more sensibility and profoundness in my relationships, in my way of seeing the world and myself.

I was once a photo-documentalist, trying not to interfere. Now I think that connection is the key to create images that are truly meaningful, that transport us to a place crowded with memories, stories, and sensations. I realised that if everyone that has passed through my life has touched me, and somehow transformed me in some way, therefore, I have this power as well. So I honour my part to leave marks where I go and I do my best for them to be positive, and, why not, sometimes, transcendental.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please feel free to send an email.

3 Awards for Documentary Family Photography