Luciana Bello Vermelho

Rio de Janeiro family photography by Luciana Bello Vermelho, of Brazil FPJA

Luciana Bello Vermelho

Luciana Bello Family Photography

Hello everyone, I'm Luciana. I'm passionate about photography and births. From those people who live births and their universe almost all the time. I'm very grateful to be able to unite those two passions.
My faith is in the female protagonism. The birth of a woman must be free and she must make her choices in this most special moment of life. The arrival of a baby brings rebirth, new colors to the world. The baby is born and together with it a family is born, a mother, a father, brothers, uncles, grandparents...
Speaking specifically of birth photography, I honor, surrender, and connect myself to that moment. I keep myself present without interfering in the process, but with my loving look, in a silent way, without the use of flash, in the most respectful way possible, after all, I also fight for the humanization in births and against obstetric violence.
Photography has always been a dream that only came true about a year and a half ago, and always with much love.
My family is my base. I make a point of being with my friends (even far away, always close), I love dogs, plants, the beach and go to the movies alone ;). Our moments are our most valuable because life is made of them. Photography comes as a way to eternalize these most important moments.
I love printed photos, to hang around the house, to glue in the refrigerator or to spread in portraits...
I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but I'll be very happy wherever you are.
Photography is heritage, it's memory building.

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