Renato Mello

Renato Mello is a family photographer from Brasil and serving Rio Grande do Sul

Renato Mello

Renato Mello Family Photography

I love People, Netflix and Café, a native of the Gaucho coast of Brazil, in 2011 I got involved with a theater group, where I developed a strong relationship with art but mainly photography.
Passionate about people and their stories I found in photography a way to develop relationships and especially to store memories.

"Photography is timeless by nature, it re-lives the passing, it lives the present and it will live the future." Perhaps it is the purest way of expressing something.

18 Awards for Documentary Family Photography

1 TOP Family Photographer Titles

The FPJA proudly recognizes Renato Mello as a TOP International Family Photographer. Members holding the most contest points at the end of each year are ranked as TOP Family Photographers.