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We take a documentary, real-life, real-settings approach to photographing your family’s daily events, outings, reunions or parties. And as documentary photographers, we’re not looking to pose your family into a “funny” situation or stage-direct your celebrations. We just know that families look their best “acting naturally” — because they’re not acting, they’re actually enjoying themselves!

5 Available Documentary Family Photographers...

FPJA family and birth photographer Denisa Sirb

I fell in love with photography eight years ago, when I met my husband. He was already a photographer and we started to work together. We started to do family photography as a project and our first project was "A day in life...

Cluj-Napoca Family Photography by Liana Haitonic, of Romania

My pictures speak about who I am, for 10 years now. Or better said, ten years ago, I was bitten by a dream and like in a comic, I became a superhero. My superpower is my camera. It clicks as my heart, to keep me alive and happy...

Liana Haitonic

Cluj-Napoca in Cluj, RO
 Magda Constantin, family photographer for Bucuresti

I never knew I wanted to take a picture. The more I did not know I wanted to make a family photo. It was even a time in my life that I was convinced that I could photograph anything but people. But somehow my road was twisted, it...

Magda Constantin

Bucharest in București, RO
Andreea-Cristina Rau-Neacsu covers Romania and Bucharest with her family photography.

I've loved stories since... forever. One memory is still vivid in my mind, me, 4-5 years old, with this book in my hand, "Horbe, the forest gnome". The interest for photography grew constantly since college until...

Lifestyle Photojournalist

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