Carla Raiter

Carla Raiter is a Brazil based Sao Paulo family photographer.

Carla Raiter


I´m a documentary photographer for families who know that time passes quickly and the most precious things are the memories, the stories and the universe that exist within each home. I feel the most important things we do in life happen within the walls of our own homes.

I believe in photography as history and family heritage: the images I like to make are those that are sincere and true, no posing and no staging; those images that record scenes of routine, domestic life, those things that seem banal but are becoming precious in the course of time. These are the experiences that build us and mold us day after day – and they populate our memories binding us to who we really are and where we come from, to what really matters.
My life experiences help me shape this vision of family photography: the only grandmother I met died when I was 6; the Christmas and New Year holidays with all my uncles and cousins together no longer happen; my best friends have moved to the other side of the world; my 6-year-old son is no longer a baby, and I wonder when he grew up so much. Life is happening and changing without we notice it, and sometimes photography is the only material thing left over. I like to think that I give families a ticket to a time travel.

I live in Piracicaba – São Paulo state, Brazil – and I photograph the beauty of everyday life here and in other cities – just call.