Camila Mendonca

Sao Paulo family and birth photography by Camila Mendonca of Brazil
Photo by: 
Franklin Maimone

Camila Mendonca

Camila Mendonça Photography

Eight years ago I opted for photography as a professional career, after having had a trajectory of much learning in the marketing area in some companies in São Paulo, such as Editora Abril and Adams. The photograph followed in parallel, but personal changes
encouraged me to put it in the foreground.

The birth of Luca, my firstborn, was a watershed in my life and influenced my choices from then on. Being a self-employed professional would allow me to have more control over my schedule - no matter how much a photographer's calendar was filled with appointments at very unconventional times. I took a risk and, with prudence and planning, I built step by step a career that today makes me very proud.

Over time, the arrival of my daughters and my personal development, I started to define a style, acquiring more security and maturing my creative process. I am looking for a light photograph that conveys truth and creates narratives that keep all the feelings and memories of a family.

15 Awards for Documentary Family Photography

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The FPJA proudly recognizes Camila Mendonca as a TOP International Family Photographer. Members holding the most contest points at the end of each year are ranked as TOP Family Photographers.