Cibele Barreto Mendes

Sao Paulo documentary family photography by Cibele Barreto Mendes of Brazil

Cibele Barreto Mendes

Cibele Barreto Fotografia

Hello, my name is Cibele, but you can call me Ci.

I live in São Paulo with my family. I graduated in advertising at Mackenzie with a post-graduate degree in MKT in Lisbon, the city where I lived for ten years. I worked in the marketing area for a long time, but it was with motherhood that I discovered my true vocation: being a photographer.

We are a family-owned and operated business.

I usually say that motherhood brought me three great passions: Clara, João, and Fotografia. Every mother is a little photographer of her children, isn't she?

The desire to photograph my children daily, in everyday scenes with natural light, took me to another world and opened up the possibility of facing Photography as art - photographing as an act of love.

The curiosity for the photo has increased over time, my professional life has changed since then.

I became a mother and rediscovered myself through the sensitive photographic record and attentive to the details that surround us. Today I have this privilege, which is to give families a little of my view of their world.

After all, I think I'm a storyteller too.

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