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Are you looking for the perfect family photographer for your at-home or hospital birth, family gatherings, outdoor adventures, and other family celebrations? You will find your accredited documentary photographer today from the Scotland Family Photojournalist Association:

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County Durham family photography by Andy Hudson of England, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm a multi award winning photographer who has a decade of experience photographing weddings, families and all manner of random and wonderful things. My main focus these days is families and I love nothing more than doing something fun with awesome little people, and photographing their unique and amazing personalities. I don't pose people, I don't order them about and tell them what to do - it's all about the children just living their best lives, and when that happens I can create incredible memories that are REAL and represent exactly how that family was in that specific moment in time. It's these images that really tell the story of a family, and it's an huge honour to get to be the one to preserve that snapshot of their lives.