Margaret Albaugh

Margaret Albaugh is a family photographer from Spokane, Washington

Margaret Albaugh

Margaret Albaugh Photography

I used to take a lot of pictures as a child. I documented all the important moments of our cats. It was fun. It was also expensive.
But I had a really supportive mom who let me do it anyway.

After I met my husband I got into travel and street photography before getting hired to document families. Now I take my experience with street photography and apply it to portraiture. I love hearing back from families how fun it is to see so much personality in their kids shine in their photographs. Especially if the moms cry. Cause sometimes you cry. And it’s great. It means I accomplished what I set out to do and in ten years you will still love that picture. hashtag timeless.

I got into film-making because I wanted to remember their laughs. The baby belly laughs that change into kiddie toddler laughs.
I didn’t want to forget any of that.

As mother to two amazing kids, I know how quickly life goes by – there are 960 Saturdays with our kids before they turn 18.
I want to enjoy each one of those!