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Talca documentary family photographers of the Chile Family Photojournalist Association offer at-home or hospital birth sessions, family vacations and reunions, graduations and birthday parties. Meet our family photographers of South America:

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Chile and Talca family photographer Alvaro Tejeda

Thanks to my work as a photographer I have been fortunate to be able to register my family from the beginning. While my children were young I used my professional camera, lights, backgrounds, etc., but they grew fast and I realized that I couldn't always have everything under control to photograph them like that. Then I began to register them without intervening, accompanying them without directing and so it has been until today. When I see them playing, doing homework or inventing their stories, in the car, in the square, in their room, I record them with what I have on hand, the phone's camera or the old analog camera, then I edit, print and save to create the visual history of our life today, the family album, the treasure of our family. That's why when I register other families in their daily lives, I do it from experience, with a lot of respect and empathy for the moment they are living, because they will always remind me of my own history. We will become aware that this happens very fast, that children grow and so do we. In a short time what we live today will be only memories. We are responsible now for the stories that will be told in the future.