Chantal Brands

Portrait of Utrecht family photographer Chantal Brands, of the Netherlands
Photo by: 
Bas Witkop - Blanksma en Blanksma

Chantal Brands

Capture Life by Chantal

My experience as a documentary family photographer started in Hong Kong 3 years ago. I lived there with my husband and was in the position to focus 100% on my photography business. Before that time I only would photograph as a side business.
The last year I stayed in Hong Kong (2018) I mainly would use a documentary approach with families.

This period of time in Hong Kong really influenced my vision of photography, it was such an amazing experience that I wanted to capture the essence of living abroad as a family. Living in small apartments with children en be creative with the space you have.

It made me realise there is no perfect picture. Only a perfect story.

Now I am back in the Netherlands. I would like to continue this way of photography. I want to take my personal experience and photography skills to different families and places in the world.