Saskia Zeller

Netherlands family photography by Saskia Zeller, of Utrecht.

Saskia Zeller

Saskia Zeller Family Photography

In every little moment there is an essence of love. But we are all so busy that we often can't find the time to see. Telling your story, and making you see all the love in your family is my passion. This is the core of my photography.

Family photography comes naturally to me as a mom, and as a storytelling photographer I feel so much joy when I can just be in the middle of a family, getting trough the day, with love, struggles, happiness and tears.

5 years ago I started as a wedding photographer, and I still am. 3 years later started Family-photojournalism and it makes me enjoy photography on a different level.... It is so pure and I love that it has absolutely noting to do with posing.

2 Awards for Documentary Family Photography