Roberto Simões

Campo Grande family event photography by Roberto Simões of the Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil FPJA

Roberto Simões


I was born in Rio de Janeiro and have lived in Campo Grande / MS since 2006, the year I started my college of Advertising. There I had my first contact with photography and I understood that photographing is much more than those little Cyber-Shot cameras that I used to take selfies and update my profile on Orkut ... Over the years, photography has become more for me. More about the people photographed, their stories, and feelings. More about their personalities and traits, about those little details that manage to show us our essence. Photography has become more natural, and nothing can show more of who we are than our spontaneity. I have lived exclusively with photography since 2012. For 7 years I was a partner in a company where I covered numerous events and rehearsals, inside and outside Campo Grande. In March 2019, I took a new step in my career and started over alone. This redefined my journey through photography and has made me happier and more fulfilled with the profession with every job done! I chose to photograph children, families and children's parties because I believe that these memories make a difference in the life of each family photographed, further strengthening their bonds of love and affection through the clicks that become unique and special. I don't see myself doing anything other than photographing. I have the joy of meeting many amazing people and beautiful families. For me, they become more than customers, they are friends. I hope to be the right person to tell you a little bit of your story too!

37 Awards for Documentary Family Photography

3 TOP Family Photographer Titles

The FPJA proudly recognizes Roberto Simões as a TOP International Family Photographer. Members holding the most contest points at the end of each year are ranked as TOP Family Photographers.