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Our Massachusetts documentary photographers are also available to families in: Berkshires, Worchester, Boston, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge, Quincy, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, New England

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United States family photojournalists are here to capture genuine moments of you and your loved ones. Each photo they take tells the unique story of your family, portraying your authentic dynamics and emotions. Forget the poses and forced smiles - these Massachusetts photographers aim for candid shots that truly capture the love and beauty of your family. The Family Photojournalist Association has a wide selection of top-ranked photographers in Massachusetts. Find your perfect photographer today!

Map of FPJA Family Photographers Serving Massachusetts

6 Available Documentary Family Photographers...

Family Photographer Korri Leigh Crowley takes a photos of her son on a rocky beach

Korri Crowley, a documentary family photographer, is known for capturing the love, laughter, and human connection that define our lives. Her journey as a mother has influenced her work, making her more patient, kind, and aware of the fleeting and precious moments we experience. With a growing skill as an artist, she seeks to capture the beauty and authenticity of family life.

Adrianne Mathiowetz - Family & Motherhood Photography

Adrianne Mathiowetz is a talented photographer who specializes in taking pictures of families and motherhood. With a background in public radio and documentary studies, she brings a unique storytelling approach to her work. Her photographs are heartfelt and intimate, capturing the beauty of everyday life. Adrianne's talent has been recognized by prestigious publications such as the New York...

Lifestyle Photojournalist
New England family photographer Danielle MacInnes

Danielle MacInnes is a New England-based family photographer specializing in capturing the authentic and meaningful moments that occur in everyday family life. With a passion for showcasing messy, chaotic, and even mundane moments, Danielle strives to document and preserve the true essence of family relationships. Her work has been recognized in various national publications.

Joyce Perlman Family Photojournalist

Joyce Perlman is a documentary photographer who is passionate about capturing the beauty and complexity of real-life moments. With a background in UX Design and marketing, she brings a unique creative perspective to her photography. Joyce strives to tell memorable visual stories that capture the essence of people's lives and relationships, and she is excited to travel the world to capture...

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA Lifestyle Photojournalist
A BW portrait of family photographer Anthony Thornton

Anthony Thornton is an adventurous family photographer with a background in music and journalism. He earned a B.A. in jazz drumming before discovering his passion for photography during his time studying abroad. Since then, he has honed his skills through freelancing for various publications and working as a staff photographer for the Vail Daily newspaper.

California and San Francisco are home to family photojournalist Douglas Despres

Douglas Despres, of Helios Images, is a West Coast family photographer with 17 years of experience capturing the energy and connections of families in a documentary style. In addition to family sessions, Douglas also has extensive experience in photographing weddings, specializing in tiny weddings and elopements.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA Lifestyle Photojournalist

Mini Gallery by Massachusetts Family Photographers

Check out these award-winning family photography samples from Massachusetts! Captured by the world's best family photographers, these documentary-style images could showcase beautiful moments from birth sessions, at-home sessions, day outings, or family adventures in the Massachusetts region. If you're looking for a talented photographer to capture your family's special moments, be inspired by these incredible photos and start your search today.

The toddler in Massachusetts is enjoying quality time with the family pet, being showered with affection in the grass outside their home
In Boston, Massachusetts a young girl happily enjoys a game of peek-a-boo, hiding beneath a cozy blanket
Boston documentary family photography of A dog licking a baby while her parents look on
Boston documentary family photography chronicling A girl jumping in the air while her cousins look on

Massachusetts Family Photography

Documentary family photography is the perfect way to capture special moments and create lasting memories. With an outdoor or at-home session, your Massachusetts family photographer can capture sincere candid moments of the entire family in a comfortable and laid back setting. Whether it's a small group or a larger extended family, your FPJA photographer will focus on the art of storytelling through beautiful photographs. From capturing the unique personalities of each family member to the typical routines, you can trust that a Massachusetts family photographer of the FPJA will create unique and timeless family heirlooms.

Massachusetts Day in the Life Picture Sessions - DITL

There is something appealing about the imperfections in an ordinary day. The best gift that you can give your family now and in the years to come is the investment in authentic photographs that showcase a real day in your life. These stress-free sessions, designed to capture the realness and honesty of an average day for your family, produce the most genuine images, and these are the ones that you will cherish for years to come.

Massachusetts Birth Sessions at Home or Hospital

The birth of your child is an experience that is filled with both beauty and chaos. It’s a moment in time that you won’t want to forget, yet it’s an experience in which the details may fade away in the coming weeks, months and years. To capture the first moments in which you meet your baby and those first special hours together, you should enlist the help of a Massachusetts documentary birth photographer. An experienced family photographer who specializes in documentary birth sessions will be able to capture your labor journey, the birth experience and the immediate reaction that you have when you see your baby’s face for the first time — all while respecting your space. The right photographer will be able to use discretion while focusing on the fleeting moments that you will want to remember from your birth experience. Whether you plan to give birth at home or at the hospital, you can book a documentary birth session with a professional reportage-style birth photographer.

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Browse through our directory of Massachusetts family photographers above to find one with a portfolio of family images that meets our high standards for professionalism and objectivity. Our MA photographers / members will be glad to help you figure out the kind of assignment you want them to perform to get the most authentic, the most beautiful and the most original images of your family, friends and fun.