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We take a documentary, real-life, real-settings approach to photographing your family’s daily events, outings, reunions or parties. And as documentary photographers, we’re not looking to pose your family into a “funny” situation or stage-direct your celebrations. We just know that families look their best “acting naturally” — because they’re not acting, they’re actually enjoying themselves!

13 Available Documentary Family Photographers...

Renato Mello is a family photographer from Brasil and serving Rio Grande do Sul

I love People, Netflix and Café, a native of the Gaucho coast of Brazil, in 2011 I got involved with a theater group, where I developed a strong relationship with art but mainly photography. Passionate about people and their...

Renato Mello

Renato Mello Fotografia

Cachoeirinha in Rio Grande do Sul, BR
Lifestyle Photojournalist
Nana Bonorino is a family photographer from Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.

Hello, I am Nana, mother of Antonia and Assisi. My greatest love of life! I like the cold of the rain ... sun of life! In love with photography from a very early age I always dreamed of practicing this profession, but I ended up...

Nana Bonorino

Nana Bonorino - Fotografar é Sentir

Itaqui in Rio Grande do Sul, BR
Lifestyle Photojournalist
Waleska Battistella is a Brasil based family photographer for Rio Grande do Sul families.

Photographer in love with spontaneity. I believe in real photographs which captures the most honest feelings. I am graduated in Analysis and Development of Systems in 2015 and currently be a photographer is my second profession...

Waleska Battistella

Dolci Ritratti

Canoas in Rio Grande do Sul, BR
Lifestyle Photojournalist
Daiane Rigo is a Brasil based family photographer for Rio Grande do Sul

Hello! I am Daiane Rigo, Photographer of Botany Photography and visual artist at UPF, a course that enabled me to study the different languages ​​of Art. The photography came at a very special moment in my family, after the birth...

Daiane Rigo

Botânica Fotografia

Erechim in Rio Grande do Sul, BR
Lifestyle Photojournalist
Brasil based Rafael Pecci is a family photographer in Rio Grande do Sul

Hello, I am Rafael, the father of Rafaela and Martina, someone who found in photography a form of expression and achievement. I always dreamed to be able to tell Stories through photographs, images that in a few years people can...

Rafael Pecci

Rafael Pecci Fotografia

Passo Fndo in Rio Grande do Sul, BR
Rio Grande do Sul family photography by Gustavo Neumann, of Brasil.

With great dedication and study, in 2015, I was invited by the renowned photographer Guilherme Bastian to be part of his team. From this partnership, I learned a lot about the world of weddings, photographing several in the State...

Gustavo Neumann

Gustavo Neumann Fotografia

São Leopoldo in Rio Grande do Sul, BR
Lifestyle Photojournalist
FPJA Photographer Natana Fontes of Rio Grande do Sul

Natana Fontes

Natana Fontes Fotografia

Bento Gonçalves in Rio Grande do Sul, BR
Lifestyle Photojournalist
Rio Grande do Sul Family Photography by Rosane Ochoa

Olá, sou Rosane, mãe do Santiago, da Catarina e também sou mãe de 4 filhos peludos: meus gatos Bódis, Tuco e Sheik e a cã Amora! A fotografia é minha paixão e por muito tempo acabei deixando esta paixão adormecida e exercendo a...

Rosane Ochoa

Rosane Ochoa Fotografia

Porto Alegre in Rio Grande do Sul, BR
Lifestyle Photojournalist
Rio Grande do Sul Family Photographyer Josef Ponciano, of Brasil.

Fascinated by telling stories and even more by being able to use photography for this, I like a full house and new friendships, always the disposition for a good conversation and a chimarrão. Photography came into my life as a...

Josef Ponciano


Riozinho in Rio Grande do Sul, BR
Fabio Souza is a Brasil Family Photographer - Rio de Janeiro FPJA

Fabio Souza

Fabio Souza Fotografia

Rio de Janeiro in Rio de Janeiro, BR
Lifestyle Photojournalist
Brasil and São Paulo Family Photographer - Andrea Scagliusi Losekann

My story with photography started early, still in my teens photographing with a 70s Nikon from my father. After finishing college of Cinema and engaging a second graduation in Plastic Arts, I began to photograph professionally...

Adrieli Cancelier family photojournalist from Curitiba, Brasil.

I'm Adrieli, but you can call me Adri or Aunt Adri :) I am a professional lifestyle photographer of families in Curitiba, but first of all, I register the bonds. I was born in Criciúma and took time to adapt in Curitiba,...

Lifestyle Photojournalist
Danielle Bazzanella is a family photographer for Parana, Brasil.

I am passionate about photography and recording moments, graduated in business administration and with several courses directed to photography, today I do what I love and I leave the most special day, the most awaited moment and...

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