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Find your São Paulo documentary family photographer through the FPJA. From births, to family vacations or a ‘Day in the Life’ session, let us be there to capture it all. Meet the Brazil members of the South America Family Photojournalist Association:

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Portrait of Sao Paulo family photographer Ellen Brito of Brazil

I am Ellen Brito, I am 28 years old, I graduated in 2013 in Radio and TV and I work exclusively with photography since 2015. I am extremely happy and at ease with life, you will hardly see me without a smile on my face. My biggest passion? My family, my cats, and my husband. I am not a mother yet but the maternal universe has enchanted me for a long time and I think that is why fate made me a photographer specialized in Pregnant Women and Childbirths, after all, transforming life into stories is what moves me and makes my eyes shine. And do you want a better story than waiting and the big day of knowing a life generated by you? I can't imagine living these two moments differently, you know? I surrender body and soul to the story I'm telling and I try to give my client an unforgettable experience of that moment so incredible and unique. In addition to being a photographer, I am trained in Doula (professionally trained in giving emotional and physical support to women in labor) by GAMA. I took the course in 2018 and despite not working in this field, I bring all the luggage from this course to my photography in order to help and bring a more complete experience for my client. I believe that this also makes a difference in my look at all this transformation that I will experience there in the delivery room with my clients. After photographing more than 300 births in the main maternity hospitals in São Paulo in the past 4 years and having more than 10 award-winning photos (FPJA - Family Photojournalist Association), I claim that having someone fully prepared and connected to you to eternalize all expectations there in the rehearsal and all the excitement on the big day makes ALL the difference. I took the course in 2018 and despite not working in this field, I bring all the luggage from this course to my photography in order to help and bring a more complete experience for my client. I believe that this also makes a difference in my look at all this transformation that I will experience there in the delivery room with my clients.

Portrait of Sao Paulo family photographer Graziela Ventura, of Brazil

Graduated in photography in Canada, she has been photographing families for more than seven years. In 2017, she exhibited her first documentary photography project called "Ciclos do Feminino" at the largest photography fair in Brazil and today she is one of the pioneering photographers of the work of Family Documentary Photography. She has a mission to grow the market of Documentary Photography not only to help families leave a legacy about their stories for the next generations but also to help the segment and the new photographers develop with value, consistency, passion, and quality.

Lifestyle Photojournalist
Studio portrait of Sao Paulo family photographer Marcos Paulo of Brazil

My name is Marcos, Husband of Laryssa, father of Nicolas and Nina. It was through and with their support that I discovered my passion for photography. Many people say that when a child is born, a mother is born, but here a father and a photographer were born. And I was also reborn as a person, became much more observant, and fascinated by the family and the world of children. My proposal is when the people get your photos, seem themselves as they really are, in their virtues and imperfections, making it all the more real and beautiful. I hope I can be part of your story!

Sao Paulo family and birth photography by Cibele Piovesan of Brazil

Family photographer, wife, mother of 3, in love with families, specializes in childbirth and newborn photography, records in a natural and loving way the most special moments of life.

Lifestyle Photojournalist
Sao Paulo documentary family photography by Cibele Barreto Mendes of Brazil

Hello, my name is Cibele, but you can call me Ci. I live in São Paulo with my family. I graduated in advertising at Mackenzie with a post-graduate degree in MKT in Lisbon, the city where I lived for ten years. I worked in the marketing area for a long time, but it was with motherhood that I discovered my true vocation: being a photographer. We are a family-owned and operated business. I usually say that motherhood brought me three great passions: Clara, João, and Fotografia. Every mother is a little photographer of her children, isn't she? The desire to photograph my children daily, in everyday scenes with natural light, took me to another world and opened up the possibility of facing Photography as art - photographing as an act of love. The curiosity for the photo has increased over time, my professional life has changed since then. I became a mother and rediscovered myself through the sensitive photographic record and attentive to the details that surround us. Today I have this privilege, which is to give families a little of my view of their world. After all, I think I'm a storyteller too.

Sao Paulo family photography by Raquel O'Czerny of Brazil

Brazilian, living in São Paulo, photographer for 7 years. I’m an imperfect mom of two wild and cute daughters and I have a patient and supportive husband. I can't say when I first discovered my love for photography, but definitely being raised by a father who used to take lots of pictures of my brother and me during our childhood has influenced me a lot to become a family photographer. My childhood pictures are a treasure to me. As a photographer, spending a lot of time with my girls made me really see all the little moments of every day. I specialize in documentary family photography because I love capturing the real, weird, silly, and tender moments of families. I want context and details and authenticity. I'm focused on capturing the beautiful ordinary and the real connection. I believe photographing life is a necessity. It is our legacy, our story, a recorded memory for our children and future generations. Photos bring us back to the essence, truth, and beautiful moments of our lives.

Sao Paulo Family Photographer Karoline Saadi

Better known as Tia Karol, a gaucho resident in Ribeirão Preto, I'm in love with the world of mothering and photography since 2011. I can't talk about my profession, not to mention my family, who really demonstrates who I am, and that makes me admire to register the daily life. The smile of everyday life, the jokes, the learning phases, all teach me so much and change my gaze as a photographer day after day. My goal is to be able to photograph each family in their individuality, their personality, that the essence is recorded in a timeless way. I want the smiles to be repeated year after year, the moments to be relived as I look at an image I could have the happiness of making, as I smile when I see the happiness of my family. And with all this love, for families and photographs, I want every person who passes through my lens to become part of this circle of affection as well. May friendships are cultivated, stories shared, and everything is done with love and simplicity. With love!

Brasil and Sao Paulo Family Photography by Thiago Gimenes

My primary goal in life is to work for love, by love, and to spread love. I can feel the love in EVERY family I work with, and I crave for images that make other people feel it too. I want to take care of the love I found and preserve it for future generations. This is why I get up every single day to do my work with a huge smile on my face. Love is why I love my job, and is the reason I'll love to photograph your family! I'm a 40-old São Paulo-based family and wedding photographer (I used to say I'm a love photographer). I've worked for 25 years in advertising agencies as an Art and Creative Director, until I found a need to make a REAL difference in the world, to make my time on this planet worthwhile, and the way I found to do this was through photographing the 3 kinds of loves: the romantic (weddings), the family (family documentary) and the self-love (women lifestyle-portraits).

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA Lifestyle Photojournalist
Sao Paulo family photography by Priscilla Mondo of Brazil

Deeply in love with moments that brings up the best of emotions that is simple yet beautiful and cozy. It was in the Photography classes of the Journalism and Advertising graduation courses of Universidade Federal Fluminense that I discovered my passion for telling stories through images. Since then, I have focused on people and the different relationships that surround them. My goal is to eternalize in images real stories composed of love, emotions and simple moments. I believe in photography as an art that allows me to capture and perpetuate the moments and the distinct phases of life as time passes by.

Lifestyle Photojournalist
Sao Paulo family and birth photography by Ana Paula Faria of Brazil

Photographers of childbirth, pregnancy, newborn lifestyle, baptism and children's parties. We are accredited in the main maternity hospitals of São Paulo.

Sao Paulo and Guarulhos family photography by Mayara Melo of Brazil

I work for 3 years in family photography with a focus on pregnant women and childbirth. After registering more than 200 families, I could see how families really care about having records to be passed on from generation to generation. I took delivery of Childbirth, photographing in the main maternity hospitals in SP, and with greater demand in the Pro Matre network. "Always in search of capturing real moments, with great emotions, feelings and making them memories for a lifetime".

Gab Campello, family photographer in Brasil.

I am one of those who lives intensely every opportunity that life brings. Certainly, I was born for art, after all, daughter of fish ... Daughter of a photographer, I always had a special relationship with the images, and the ones that struck me most were the spontaneous ones. My mother had the ability to get the best of us through her photos and it was under her influence that I tried to record the daily life of my children, Marina and Henrique, and brought professional photography into my life. Since 2004 I work with the post-production of images for advertising, but it was the family photography that came to rescue the best of me. I began to study more and more, and to perfect myself in what I believe to be the most significant patrimony of a family, photography! In 2013 I began to tell stories of families that have formed and grown up, who fight their daily battles without realizing the beauty of everything that surrounds them. What a privilege for me! This is my mission, to write stories through images that convey affection!

Lifestyle Photojournalist
Sao Paulo family photography by Denise Eisenhauer of Brazil

I have been a family photographer for over 10 years and I have the honor of photographing many beautiful stories and being part of these circles of happiness in various stages that cannot go unnoticed (pregnancy, childbirth, the growth of babies, christening, and birthdays). Since 2017 I’m Gael’s mother who changed my world and showed me what it’s like to be on the other side! I photograph thinking about the future and how important my images will be for each family, a real treasure trove of memories. That's what moves me.

Sao Paulo family and birth photography by Camila Mendonca of Brazil

Eight years ago I opted for photography as a professional career, after having had a trajectory of much learning in the marketing area in some companies in São Paulo, such as Editora Abril and Adams. The photograph followed in parallel, but personal changes encouraged me to put it in the foreground. The birth of Luca, my firstborn, was a watershed in my life and influenced my choices from then on. Being a self-employed professional would allow me to have more control over my schedule - no matter how much a photographer's calendar was filled with appointments at very unconventional times. I took a risk and, with prudence and planning, I built step by step a career that today makes me very proud. Over time, the arrival of my daughters and my personal development, I started to define a style, acquiring more security and maturing my creative process. I am looking for a light photograph that conveys truth and creates narratives that keep all the feelings and memories of a family.

Diadema family photography and portraits by Fernanda Marqui of Sao Paulo, Brazil

I am graduated in marketing, technical in graphic design, passionate about communication, I have a gift for music there but what touched my heart 9 years ago was PHOTOGRAPHY. I specialized in the world of photography of babies and newborns, pregnant women, and childbirth. I became Doula to be able to dive further into the universe of motherhood. My photograph shows the spontaneity of life and its wonders the way it is. When I discovered this style, I understood that there is no landscape more beautiful than a place that is part of its history or the metamorphosis of a home that awaits. With my photography, I have a very special way of looking at a home and all the love that lives within it. With each new essay, I rediscover even more how much I love this gift that I have in my hands. In every mom that waits, or in every life that is born before my eyes, my heart is racing with more intensity for realizing that life is wonderful and deserves to have every minute documented and eternalized because this is the only inheritance that is really worth a thousand treasures.

Lifestyle Photojournalist
Goais family photographer Claudia Amorim

Brazilian, mother, in love with nature, animals, and family photography. I like to photograph the feelings, the looks, the moments ... I imagine the grandchildren of my clients opening their albums in thirty years and realizing, through the photos. If you want more than a register, you want feelings in pictures, it will be a pleasure to tell your family story through my lenses. CLAUDIA WAS RATED BETWEEN THE THREE BETTER WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHS OF BRAZIL AND BETWEEN THE 30 BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE WORLD IN 2017 AND 2018 BY WPJA (WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALIST ASSOCIATION).

Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA