Andrea Scagliusi Losekann

Brasil and São Paulo Family Photographer - Andrea Scagliusi Losekann

Andrea Scagliusi Losekann

Andrea Scagliusi Fotografias

My story with photography started early, still in my teens photographing with a 70s Nikon from my father. After finishing college of Cinema and engaging a second graduation in Plastic Arts, I began to photograph professionally weddings. That was in 2002, a new language for event photography was appearing here in Brazil, photojournalism, and that was my school. Spontaneous photos, little interference from the photographer and a lot of use of ambient light formed the basis of what is my work today. Well, to sum up the story, the brides got married, had children, and started calling me to photograph baptized children's parties. I have known the universe of children and I was completely hooked, childhood is a magical phase and I love to photograph families that are generating a new life or celebrating it.

I do yes posed pictures, but the prettiest in my work are those photos that show a real feeling not a thing made for the photo. That's what in 10, 20 years will make a difference, will really thrill.

And what are the services that I offer? Photographic covers of children's parties, baptisms, baby showers. Trials of pregnant women, children, infants, and their families, including pets. I produce and photograph also thematic essays for children, with paints or fruits. Finally, I make photo albums with a nice visual identity. I'm a tireless advocate of "good photo and photo print" jargon, and if you have pictures of yourself and want to give them a better fate than the darkness of a hd, I also put together albums with your material.