Nao Fujiwara

Somme family photographer Nao Fujiwara of Hauts-de-France

Nao Fujiwara

I am a photographer of family and marriage in Abbeville, in the Somme, in Hauts de France.

The distance does not scare me, I am ready to move everywhere in France and even everywhere in the world if you wish.

I am Japanese, mother of two children.

My childhood was shared between France and Japan and I rubbed French even being in Japan, China, or the United States. I met my dear French husband in Tokyo.

I speak perfect French and Japanese and also English (I lived 5 years in the United States, Texas) and a little Chinese.

I was often called Little Nao hence the name "Little Nao Photography".

I like to immortalize the emotions, the moments on the spot, without artifice, without posing.

Discreetly or by interacting with my subjects, I observe and I always stand ready to capture the decisive moments.

What I'm trying to photograph is the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Whether at a special event or a day like any other, I like to find beauty in banalities.

My goal is to tell a story, to allow you to relive the moment through my photographs.