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Kentucky Family Photography by Joan Pruden

Joan Pruden

Joan Willow Photography

I'm tired of fake, counterfeit images of lives on social media. Aren't you? As a photographer, I am drawn to the realness of life in all its raw beauty. My family means everything to me, and I know yours means everything to you too. Still, it's so easy to see the perfectly scripted moments others choose to show us of their lives on the internet and wish our lives were as together as theirs. With my camera, I tell true stories. I seek to highlight the value families have just being themselves in a culture where everyone wants them to be anything but authentic.

If all your children ever see on your walls are pictures of them on their best behavior in matchy clothes they would never choose to wear on their own, what message are you sending? Instead, fill your walls with their authentic, raw, unruly, radiant selves and fill their hearts with the bold truth that you love all of them... every moment of every day.

My name is Joan Willow and I am a wife, homeschooling parent, photographer, and writer. I am also a full-time biology student! I wear many hats... but my favorite hat is the one I have worn for over 15 years - Mother. I know full well how fleeting childhood is. It has been the bittersweet joy of my life to watch my baby sons grow up into young men before my very heart. With my camera, I am able to freeze time so that I can relive every real moment of it all. I enjoy helping families preserve those everyday moments too. I'd love the opportunity to tell your story through images I know you will cherish for the rest of your life.