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Find a top Minas Gerais documentary family photographer for candid and authentic Day in The Life sessions, births, vacations, reunions, or parties. It is our pleasure to introduce you the South America Family Photojournalist Association of Brazil:

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Belo Horizonte family photography by Adriana Costa of Minas Gerais, Brasil

For me, the greatest value of photography is the stories they tell us. That's why I became a family documentary photographer. Documentary photography is an area of ​​photography that aims to tell true stories, the way they...

Minas Gerais Family Photographer Gabi Marques, of Brasil

From Matipó (mine interior), with a half-beautiful accent, but living in Montes Claros a little more than ten years ago, I consider myself as mining north ... of those who enjoy the sun and the sertão with gusto. And it was here...

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Sheila Maria Cupertino Gomes is a family photographer in Minas Gerais, Brasil.

Olá.. Sou a Sheila: esposa do Alysson e mamãe coruja e completamente apaixonada pelo meu pequenininho: o Arthur. Graduada como Farmacêutica Generalista. Especialista em Farmacologia pela Universidade Federal de Lavras e em Mídias...

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Minas Gerais, Brasil family photographer Natalia Diniz

To photograph is to nourish my curious, restless soul, who always seeks new stories, especially the real ones. Photography allows me to prove to myself and my clients how good it is to live. It turns me into an eyewitness to...

Minas Gerais and Belo Horizonte family photographer Leandro Malaquias

I was born in the city of Sete Lagoas_MG, my first professional contact as a photographer was with the wedding photography in 2009. Since then, I have started a search for new experiences in different segments of photography such...

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Alex Souza is a documentary family photographer of South America, working throughout Brasil and Minas Gerais

Começamos na fotografia justamente por termos pouquíssimas fotos da nossa infância, algumas rasgaram e outras se perderam com o tempo. Isso motivou ainda mais a fotografar as famílias. É como se estivéssemos dando as famílias o...

Belo Horizonte Family Photographer Renata Loyola, for Minas Gerais, Brazil

I am Renata Loyola, mother of two, entrepreneur, graduate in Pedagogy, specialization in Education, a student of Graphic Design, passionate about children and passionate about photography.

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Eduardo Bedran is a family photographer Minas Gerais, Brasil.

I am the reflection of my photography or vice versa. I am married, I have two children who are my sources of inspiration and motivation, and that make me rethink at all times my way of seeing the world and consequently my way of...

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Rio de Janeiro Family Photographer Gisele Soares, of Brazil

Photographing births is LIFE! I LOVE telling love stories! I LOVE to reflect love! And photographing births for me is this, telling stories of love in its essence, with gentleness, care and a lot of naturalness. It is through my...

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Carolina Belini Family Photojournalist

Sou a Carol Belini, graduada em Fotografia e Imagem e apaixonada por fotos naturais e cheias de sentimento. Tenho como estilo predileto o Documental de Família, onde registro crianças, gestantes, famílias e pessoas de maneira...

Portrait of Macaé family photographer Raphael Bozeo, of Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Hi, I'm Raphael, also known as Maria's father and Camila's husband. 8 years ago I went to journalism college to tell stories. I went through the newspaper and website, press office, wrote many chronicles, fables,...

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Renata Barbosa

Pouso Alegre in Minas Gerais, Brazil