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Find your Itaperuna documentary-style family photographer for candid Day in The Life sessions, births, vacations, or parties. It is our pleasure to introduce you the Brazil photographers of the South America Family Photojournalist Association:

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Espirito Santo family photography by Adriana Viviani, of Brazil

Family and birth photography, like everything else in my life, was something that came out of curiosity, became a passion and later work. What I can say is that I really love what I do and I spent a lot of time, and I will spend the rest of my life also perfecting. Altogether 10 years - from the first amateur records to professionalization - we are dedicated to this art of eternalizing the most important and unforgettable moments of families, grooms, parents, debutantes ... I often refer to what I call a small business. photography like us. We are because there are so many people in one who are hyperactive and looking for something new (I am also a musician, they say every musician is a little crazy) and also because there are so many people involved in the art of doing a good job of photography, since technical part until the delivery of the work to the client, so I always use and use the plural, I am not or do absolutely NOTHING! Reflecting on things, about my "style" of photography, I think more important than style is knowing how to capture the moment behind an image, register emotions, and eternalize feelings ... give more than an aesthetic sense ... but create an exciting and captivating image.