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Find a top Rio de Janeiro documentary family photographer for your birthing sessions, family vacations, graduations and birthday parties, or for a candid 'Day in the Life' session. Meet the Brazil-based photographers of the South America Family Photojournalist Association:

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Claudia Ruiz is a family photographer from Rio de Janeiro Brazil

As a family photographer, I have quite a task in my hands! A very responsible job. Tell stories, capture genuine feelings, document moments of happiness and love. I create my family images with an open heart and a free mind. I have restless and curious eyes ... eyes that see the world in the eagerness to stop time! I really want to know and be able to tell your family story!

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Rio de Janeiro Family Photography by Alessandra Corveloni

I have always been in love with photography, so I was delighted with the possibility of doing it in one of the most significant moments of life: The Birth. A moment that marks the emergence of a new family, the beginning of a new journey and the arrival of a new life. My mission is to document, in detail, the moments of spontaneity that convey the emotion and essence that each moment has in store for that long-awaited nine-month moment for the whole family. I write in images the memory to be told to children, grandchildren and loved ones. Unique moments that will not be repeated. Photographing births is not simply about liking babies, grabbing a camera and pushing the button. It's a technically arduous mission on many fronts! We need to seek specialization in childbirth photography for such sensitivity and speed that the moment requires and respect the entire team that is involved in that birth.

Portrait of Rio de Janeiro family photographer Gisele Soares of Brazil

Through my eyes, I show feelings, reflect emotions and keep beautiful stories in all their naturalness. I seek to document moments often unnoticed when lived or even that over time could fall into oblivion, but they will certainly be very important for every family. I see with my heart, I get involved with the moment and I simply reflect all the emotion, just look at my pictures. The first birth I photographed was the watershed in my life. Before, I just photographed families at events (weddings, 15 years and children's parties). But from it, I decided to study, study and study ... not only techniques related to this type of photography but everything that has to do with births. And I keep studying, always. I do not get tired of studying because I think I'm crawling and I still have a lot to learn. I am a mother, married, family photographer for 5 years, I live in Rio de Janeiro and I am available to go to you to document your history, wherever you want!

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Clara Sampaio Brazil fotografo of families.

I am Clara Sampaio, I photograph for passion and love my profession. Since I've changed architecture for wedding photography and family, I can say that I'm part of a select group of people who work with what they really like, and that makes all the difference. The language of my work is guided by photojournalism and most of the time I photograph the moments as they actually happen. I seek the truth of each couple's feelings to tell their love story with pictures.

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Rio de Janeiro family photography by Luciana Bello Vermelho, of Brazil FPJA

Hello everyone, I'm Luciana. I'm passionate about photography and births. From those people who live births and their universe almost all the time. I'm very grateful to be able to unite those two passions. My faith is in the female protagonism. The birth of a woman must be free and she must make her choices in this most special moment of life. The arrival of a baby brings rebirth, new colors to the world. The baby is born and together with it a family is born, a mother, a father, brothers, uncles, grandparents... Speaking specifically of birth photography, I honor, surrender, and connect myself to that moment. I keep myself present without interfering in the process, but with my loving look, in a silent way, without the use of flash, in the most respectful way possible, after all, I also fight for the humanization in births and against obstetric violence. Photography has always been a dream that only came true about a year and a half ago, and always with much love. My family is my base. I make a point of being with my friends (even far away, always close), I love dogs, plants, the beach and go to the movies alone ;). Our moments are our most valuable because life is made of them. Photography comes as a way to eternalize these most important moments. I love printed photos, to hang around the house, to glue in the refrigerator or to spread in portraits... I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but I'll be very happy wherever you are. Photography is heritage, it's memory building.

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Rio de Janeiro family photojournalist Gustavo Medeiros

I'm Gustavo Medeiros, wedding and family photographer. I try to use my technique, sensitivity and dedication to capture natural and spontaneous images, creating a unique and timeless record of people who love each other. In this space I will show a little more myself, my photography, and give important tips for brides and other people who are interested in photography. - Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association

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Brazil and Rio de Janeiro are home to family photographer Bruno Montt

Hello! I'm Bruno and I love helping families to collect their memories. I'm from Rio de Janeiro / Brazil but I'm a destination photographer. My passion for photography began as photographed, seeing me in the old family albums and trying to relive all those moments. That deepened when I graduated in Visual Arts 10 years ago. The power of a keepsake is something that makes my eyes shine and providing this is very rewarding. I'm in the photographic industry for some years, which allowed me to photograph families, births, weddings, teach workshops and win some awards. Want to know more? Get in touch :)

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Brasil and Rio de Janeiro Family Photographer, Ana Telma Furtado

I am Ana Telma, a family photographer, and I am very happy that you are here in my corner, trying to know a little more about me and my work. :) Hope you like! I love my family, my safe harbor, my certainty of always love and lap in my life. I have relatives in Rio, Minas, São Paulo and even outside Brazil. I think that's why I always love to travel! I love to study too! In addition to studying a lot of photography, I already did a degree in Computer Science and Journalism.

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Aline Prado is a Family Photojournalist from Rio de Janeiro

Photography has been part of my life since I was 14 when I got my first digital camera. I spent hours shooting and editing portrait and fell in love with it. In 2016 I decided that I needed a job that had meaning and purpose. For this reason, I decided to leave a 9-year career in the oil industry to invest all my energy in weddings, family, and birth photography and I couldn´t be happier with this decision.

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Sao Paulo family photography by Priscilla Mondo of Brazil

Deeply in love with moments that brings up the best of emotions that is simple yet beautiful and cozy. It was in the Photography classes of the Journalism and Advertising graduation courses of Universidade Federal Fluminense that I discovered my passion for telling stories through images. Since then, I have focused on people and the different relationships that surround them. My goal is to eternalize in images real stories composed of love, emotions and simple moments. I believe in photography as an art that allows me to capture and perpetuate the moments and the distinct phases of life as time passes by.

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Goais family photographer Claudia Amorim

Brazilian, mother, in love with nature, animals, and family photography. I like to photograph the feelings, the looks, the moments ... I imagine the grandchildren of my clients opening their albums in thirty years and realizing, through the photos. If you want more than a register, you want feelings in pictures, it will be a pleasure to tell your family story through my lenses. CLAUDIA WAS RATED BETWEEN THE THREE BETTER WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHS OF BRAZIL AND BETWEEN THE 30 BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE WORLD IN 2017 AND 2018 BY WPJA (WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALIST ASSOCIATION).

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