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Find your Espirato Santo documentary-style family photographer for a birthing session, to capture all the fun on your family vacations, to document all the cheek pinches at your family reunions, birthday, graduation, and holiday parties, or even just for a candid 'Day in the Life' shoot. Welcome to the Brazil Family Photojournalist Association:

6 Available Documentary Family Photographers...

Barcelona Family Photojournalist Rayelle Alves, of Spain

Capixaba, mother of a beautiful girl and wife of an incredible man, I am Rayelle Alves. I always liked photography, my grandmother who says so, whenever she was going to travel, buy the movie of 36 poses to use on the trip, she...

Rayelle Alves

Rayelle Alves Fotografia

Serra in Espírito Santo, BR
Espirito Santo family photography by Adriana Viviani, of Brazil

Adriana Viviani

Adriana Viviani Fotografia

Cachoeiro de Itapemirim in Espírito Santo, BR
Fabio Souza is a Brasil Family Photographer - Rio de Janeiro FPJA

Fabio Souza

Fabio Souza Fotografia

Rio de Janeiro in Rio de Janeiro, BR
Lifestyle Photojournalist
Mariana Jordao is a family photographer in Brasil and based in Mato Grosso do Sul

I always liked arts, I always liked crafts (I come from a family of artisans), I always liked music. I always liked to create. But I carried with me the story of believing that I needed to choose a traditional career to follow,...

Mariana Jordao

Campo Grande in Mato Grosso do Sul, BR
Brasil based family photography by Liliane Cotta, of Rio de Janeiro.

Liliane Cotta

Liliane Cotta Fotografia

Rio de Janeiro in Rio de Janeiro, BR
Lifestyle Photojournalist
Portrait of Macaé family photographer Raphael Bozeo, of Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Hi, I'm Raphael, also known as Maria's father and Camila's husband. 8 years ago I went to journalism college to tell stories. I went through the newspaper and website, press office, wrote many chronicles, fables,...

Raphael Bozeo

Macaé in Rio de Janeiro, BR
Lifestyle Photojournalist