Luis Mateus

 Luis Mateus from Portugal provides family photography.

Luis Mateus

Lounge Fotografia Ida
Member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association - WPJA

I've been a wedding photographer for almost 15 years. I studied photography at Instituto Português de Fotografia ( IPF ) -Oporto, 2000.

Along wedding photography I had worked as an assistant of a fashion photographer for almost 8 years.

I love fashion photography, but documental photography is really my style.

My company is called Lounge Fotografia. We are a husband and wife photographers. We are a couple in love, ambitious and creative.

Street photography and portraits are another love for me. I also like to shoot with film with my contax or making some polaroids with my Land camera.

I enjoy being with my friends at dinner or watch some good movies or tv series.